Series, the updated leaderboard: distances unchanged at the top, in a queue, bad with the ball

With Parma-Inter 1-2 ended, the 28th day of Serie A. the Distances the same in the top of the standings, with inter are at -4 from the Lazio and -8 from Juventus. In the area of cups they are flying, Atalanta and ac Milan, while it hampers Rome. In the queue ko heavy with Sampdoria. Below is the updated leaderboard:

Juventus 69
Lazio 65
Inter 61
Atalanta 57
Rome 48
Naples 45
Milan 42
Verona 39
Parma 39
Cagliari 38
Bologna 37
Sassuolo 34
Fiorentina 31
Turin 31
Udinese 28
Sampdoria 26
Genoa 26
Lecce 25
Brescia 18