Simutenkov: “Quarantine? I Read Turgenev. In Russia to see the evolution of the virus”

A jump in Russia to understand how you are experiencing the emergency Coronavirus. For talking about it, we had a nice talk with Igor Simutenkov, a former striker for Reggiana and Bologna and now in the technical staff of the Zenit St. Petersburg. “First of all – explain to – I would like to say that am very sorry for the Italian situation. The numbers say that your country and Spain in Europe are the most damaged. In Russia begins now to have to deal with the virus. We see that the developments there will be, no one can predict. They have now been infected with some of the players of the series C. The championship of hockey has finally closed on the season, while the football has stopped in the middle of march, and about ten days we are in quarantine. I hope for the best”

How she spends her days?
“I’m at home with my family,we go out only to go to the grocery store or the pharmacy. Today, among other things Putin has said that from next week you will be able to just get out. I read books, especially of Turgenev, I see football and some movies”.

Until some time ago, and has had the opportunity to follow our league?
“Of course, I’ve seen a lot of games and I dedicated a particular attention to those players that have gone from Zenit: Ansaldi, Bruno Alves, Hernani, Criscito”.

Who is more bound?
“They are all good guys and great professionals. Bruno is a phenomenon and is always smiling, as well as Mimmo. Hernani is a brazilian boy who came to us a young man, then was loaned to Saint-Etienne, and then returned. Perhaps at the end are more related to the First, it was the captain, a good man, a lord”.

What do you think of the Italian championship, as long as it is played?
“This year there are more teams that can win it. In addition to Juve, there are Lazio and Inter. The football in Italy is a religion, there is a lot of passion, and can never be ugly”.

The former always follows the Reggio emilia?
“Yes, now is Reggio’s Bold and she informed me on how it goes. I have been to Reggio, the last time in December and I was also visit the sports centre in Sassuolo”.

Bologna, instead, what do you remember?
“I follow it, I feel with a few ex-boyfriend. I know that Ciccio Marocchi is the pundit on Sky, but I spoke recently with Kenneth Andersson. The company is new and has changed a lot but I tried to keep myself up to date on everything, especially on the story linked to the by-Line”.

What are the prospects of the Zenith now?
“To resume the championship and win the scudetto. Let’s see if it will be possible to start over and finish in June, even if it seems difficult.”