Sit-in room: gym manager, expenses also without work – brands

(ansa) – senigallia, 07 apr – “despite the suspension of certain tributes such as the other expenses continue to exist but if I do not work as I pay? I want to reopen and that’s why I protested.” Michela vicari manages a gym in via lotto to the cesanella of senigallia (ancona) of which is the owner of the husband Franco politi, instructor and bodybuilder.

yesterday he participated in the event in roma in piazza montecitorio against the prolonged closure of economic activities vented in clashes with the forces of the order. Then the tension has gone up and clashes with the police in anti-soak order. You will not be able to hide the locker room or enter the gym.

I will not gain from this partial reopening instead I will have to put my resources to pay teachers.”