Ski: Sofia Goggia, the video of the scary crash and serious injury

It is finished in a tragic fall and a spectacular season Sofia Goggia, the olympic blue of the drop-down that fell ruinously in-g in Garmisch. Investigations subsequent to the incident, to be carried out in the hospital, have confirmed that the skier in blue has reported the fracture of the radio left and this will no longer be able to wear the suit and skis. Sofia Goggia was immediately taken to the operating room to undergo surgery to reduce the fracture. Surgery went well, but recovery times are estimated at six weeks, too many to think of a return to the slopes before the end of the season.

The appointment of Garmisch, with the program defined by the free and by a-g, was highly anticipated by the skier in blue because Sofia Goggia was inserted among the favourites. The track was suited to its characteristics and its ability to attack. Then, the ruinous fall, fracture, operation, and goodbye to the world this season. The World Cup will finish in the week from the 6th to the 22nd of march, Sofia in this period will still be subjected to physiotherapy and re-education, the meeting is scheduled for the 2020-2021.

The fall held in garmisch is the replica of the one of 24 January, in the first of the two slopes of Bansko, where, however, it had consequences so serious. Sofia Goggia on that occasion wound up getting a bad knock to his right tibia, already injured in October 2018 in the course of a workout in the giant. The fall in Bulgaria, however, had not stopped the Italian champion who is now back in Italy to be better prepared with a carbon protection. Just using in the race this guardian had taken up to race, getting second place in the-g in Sochi, won by Federica Brignone.