Skiing, a bad fall for Sofia Goggia: serious injury, season over

Black day for the sport blue. Skiing the Italian loses until the end of the season Sofia Goggia. Our rider became the protagonist of a bad fall in the downhill valid for the-G in Garmisch. The results of the instrumental examinations proved unforgiving for the class of 1992 in bergamo, which has reported the fracture of the radio left

Skiing, a bad fall for Sofia Goggia and serious injury in Garmisch

Big shock for Sofia Goggia. The skier in blue engaged in the-G in Garmisch, has lived moments of terror because of a bad fall. The athlete from bergamo was ended violently at full speed against a door, then going to close her run in the networks of protection. Immediate relief for the Goggia back down to the valley with the ski. Immediately taken to hospital, the class of 1992, has been submitted to the examination of the case, while the race went on with the success of the swiss Sutter. The best of the blue was Federica Brignone which finished in fifth place.

I primi soccorsi a Sofia Goggia dopo la cadutain the photo: The first aid and Sofia Goggia after the fall

Injury Sofia Goggia, compound fracture of the radio and the season’s over

Unfortunately did not arrive-good news for Sofia Goggia. The examinations have experienced the fracture of the radio of the left arm. A tile for the olympic champion, who will undergo surgery in the coming hours to Garmisch. The recovery time is fixed at around six weeks. A verdict to heavy for our standard bearer, he can consider closed the season, and also will miss the final in Cortina at the end of march. The year closes, therefore, with only one victory in Saint-Moritz in the World Cup.