Sofagate, controversy over erdogan. European Parliament – European Parliament

Bruxelles – the controversy in the aftermath of the visit to ankara of the president of the Ue commission, ursula von der leyen, and the president of the European Council, charles michel. A viral video shows the turkish president transep tayyp erdogan while relegating on a couch von der leyen, reserve the only chair prepared for the meeting at michel. “Let’s make things clear – we read in a tweet of the ppe group to the European parliament -.

Someone should be ashamed of the lack of a proper place for von der leyen in the erdogan palace. The year has signaled the openness to dialogue, but we are still on our values. Women deserve the same recognition as their male colleagues.”for the chief delegation of the pd al pe, brado benfei, “the president von der leyen left without a chair from erdogan would have had to leave, thus avenging also Turkish women, whose rights are today under attack”.

Von der leyen, for the charge he holds, for what he represents, had to leave: the form is substance. ” Echoes the president of the Socialists and Democrats Group (S&D) to pe, iratxe garcia perez, who commented on twitter: “first they withdraw from the convention of istanbul and now leave the president of the European commission without a chair during the official visit. “How could charles michel accept this treatment inflicted on von der leyen?

“the symbolic violence of the sequence imposed by erdogan is insane – the parliamentarian added. Taking place the President of the European Council also sat on gender equality. ” “when there are two leaders of the European institutions, apparently things go a bit differently,” he added in another tweet glucksmann, posting a photo that portrays a previous encounter between Turkish President Erdogan and former president of the European commission Jean-Claude juncker together with former president of the European Council donald tusk.

For the MEP of the 5 star movement, clear gem, “what happened to ankara cannot be robbed as a simple diplomatic incident”. “The 5 star movement – the note concludes – expresses solidarity at Ursula von der leyen: in our Europe men and women do not have different chairs, but have the same opportunities and we of this are proud. ” Other than the Istanbul convention!”, writes on twitter the head of delegation of brothers of Italy-Ecr to the pe and foreign manager fdi, dear engagement.

The authoritarian and anti-democratic methods used for the repression of the political forces of opposition and civil organizations and the repeated violations of human rights are unacceptable. ” The European Parliament’s vote on the report by the Committee on Budgets on the proposal from the Commission to the Council (COM(87) 388 final — Doc.