Sport breathing: tax relief and refunds for more than 60 million from “sostegni bis”

Tax credit for sponsorships, fund lost for amateur companies and reimbursement of health expenses to move forward the championships. These three measures are included in the draft of the decree “sostegni bis” which the government has thought of for sport. These are appropriations for 90, 50 and 61 million euros which go to add to the resources provided to sports employees.

But before singing victory prefers to wait for the officiality: “Let’s wait for the final text.” The refunds provided by the decree “sostegni bis”all sports the government: swimming pools open from 15 May, gyms from 1 June 16/04/2021 to 07:41repayment (euro) series to (calci) 10 million series b (calci) 6 million series c (calci) 11 series a (basket) 1.7 million series A2-B (basket) 4.5 million superleague (volley) 1.5 million female series (volley) 1.3 million other sports 11 million female championships (calci) 3,3 million female championships (basket) 600 thousandFor example, series clubs should go around 10 million euros, the series b 6 million and the series c, with its 60 clubs, over 11 million. Then, to amateur clubs 6.8 million and the women’s 3.3 championships.

A million and a half in excellence and a million and 900 thousand euros in football at 5. in basketball, instead, 1.7 million euros for the companies of series a and 4,5 for those of a2 and series b; 600 thousand for the women societies. Finally, one and a half million men’s volleyball and 1,35 women’s volleyball. Also provided funding for other sports for the figure of 11 million euros.

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