Tacchinardi: “Cream you can breathe the air of war”

Alessio Tacchinardi, former Juventus man, intervenes to “Stage Open” on TMW Radio to tell the state of his Cream, and general emergency Coronavirus.

You are at this time in Crema, one of the most affected. How are you experiencing the situation?

“It is a dramatic moment, the situation is severe and does not seem to improve. From my house you feel continuously ambulances whiz by, you care so much for their loved ones that maybe are older. It seems a life from the norm, but hopefully it can end soon to all this. I my are a bit scary, and already when the virus was in Wuhan I felt like I might be able to get our parts. I avoided to send children to school already from before, but I never imagined you could get to this point. I hope with all my heart that it ends soon and doesn’t restart to the south as it is doing here in Lombardy”.

You have children of different ages, as it was difficult to make them understand the gravity of the situation?

“It is a particular situation but I have received apologies from other parents who continued to send their children to school. It was thought to a trivial influence, and instead was not so. My oldest son I explained in a decisive manner the situation while her friends were still around. For these behaviors, now they are paying the consequences. I don’t know in the rest of Italy I don’t know that feeling, but here you can breathe the air of war”.

What is the image of Cream that most struck you?

“I exist only to let out dogs and the city seems ghostly. Impress me the sounds of dry cough come from the homes of the people, this thing to me is shocking. The feeling is that the number of cases will increase in the next few days”.

The victims of the Coronavirus:

“We have lost the former president of Pergolettese in 37 years that has been my chairman when I was a coach there. He had a pulmonary infection and later transferred to Milan has been helped by machines until the collapse of the lungs. A real tragedy. Now everyone is afraid to start over”.

There have been too many controversies in this period around the football according to you?

“I was upset by the controversy concerning Juventus-Inter. You can’t talk about calciopoli bis at this time. It was paradoxical to play the game and I think he played only to external pressures. I have been a footballer and when you’re sometimes you feel almighty, for this it is also played. In place of Damiano Tommasi I would ask the players to stop play 15 days before the actual stop. The presidents now are having economic difficulties, however, in this moment, our thoughts must be directed only to the public health.”

UEFA had to second you stop before?

“I agree. In Italy, it was also a decision made late, I think of the scenes views in Parma, italy-Spal. No one has acted in bad faith, but it is a very peculiar situation that has exploded in a sudden. It had to be lightning-fast, also the decision to stop the competition, also in virtue of the Italian situation”.

What was the image of Italy that you liked?

“We are a country of caproni, in a good way. I mean that in moments of difficulties we are always ready to lower the head and react as in football, which is the mirror of our society. See the pictures of the doctors devastated makes me proud of them and deserve our respect and our thanks.”