Tardelli: “Cancel the championship. The players are approached little.”

The former world champion of 1982 and the technical Marco Tardelli spoke of the issues of the moment at the Maracana, the transmission of TMW Radio.

The words that you do not agree with in this period?
“The controversy, no one can quarrel about anything. You must find an agreement at this time.”

What do you think of the negotiation on the salary?
“I don’t think that there are problems between the players to be responsible in this moment. I believe that it is possible to reduce the engagements, have done it also at other times. However, the players are approached little. Not the way they were during the first phase of the Coronavirus, when it was decided whether to play open doors or less. Probably had to make their voices heard. The first Bell was a union, now is an association. It’s not okay. We have to make distinctions, because not everyone earn so much, see those of the smaller categories. It will be a thing to deal with that salary, not only in Italy but also in Europe”.

That’s going to happen?
“We will find a football and a bit more poor, as well as any other sport. You will have to start over from scratch? We will do”.

When do you think you will be able to continue the game? Or what would you do?
“I think the field should give the titles. You can not do anything. You cancel the championship, and thinks of the next. It is true, it is a sin, but if you will continue to do so, I think I would have to cancel the championship and crystallize the ranking for the participation in the Cups. Someone will lose, but you can’t do otherwise”.

A judgment on Himself?
“Positive so far. He has done well, you managed to enter the hearts of the fans, as the company had hoped, and to express the football that he wanted, and was to see in Naples. But he immediately said that the team is different. Economic problems? Certainly Juve, but when he made the investment with Ronaldo expected it to be a Champions, who have not arrived. The real problem was this. The debts are so many and relegation in the Bag, puts the company”.

Totti is the right man for Himself?
“It’s a very good player, I liked that both came home, but it is a very good player. Higuain? He had a big problem with the mother and I would have done that myself. Others, however, I don’t know and I don’t know the agreements with the company”.