The 5 truths of Juventus-Napoli 2-1: how much did dybala to the Bianconeri, osimhen growing!

Juventus-napoli, a match valid for the 3rd day of the 2020-2021 series that took place at the juventus stadium ended with a score of 2-1. Bianconeri ahead in the first time with Christian ronaldo, doubling in the second time of paulo dybala, just entered after an absence of 3 months, shortened in the final lorenzo awarded on penalty kick. The Bianconeri, set in an orderly 4-4-2, have played a good match against the napoli and have centered a crucial victory in the chase to the first four places of the final ranking.

These three points lead the pier team to 59 points, less one from the milan second and above all to +3 from the napoli, still in fifth position. Series at Juventus-Napoli 2-1, pagelle: devastating church, dybala missed 14 hours agoChristian ronaldo, Juventus-Napoli, series at 2020-21, getty images credit photo getty2) Napoli collapsed on the most beautiful, but it is still longOn the contrary, after four consecutive victories, the positive strip of the gattuso napoli stopped. The blues, while playing a good second time, have granted too much to juventus and were punished by ronaldo and dybala.

The recovery, therefore, smiled at the Bianconeri, but did not turn off the ambitions of the bells. Napoli does not have a prohibitive calendar (excluding commitments with entire and lazio) and can believe in a crescendo ending. 3) juventus fc, in the sense of churchonce again the best of juventus.

An extra weapon for gattuso, a player definitely to be exploited at the best in this final rush. To coexist with the various mertens, zielinski, insignia, politano and lozano will not be easy. Victor osimhen engages a duel in speed with matthijs de ligt, getty credit images photo getty images5) paulo dybala missed so much to juventusless than five minutes, and here’s his fine mancino back to paint.

Precise shooting at the angle and network of the momentary 2-0, in the end decisive for final victory. How much did you miss paulo dybala at juventus? Last season’s mvp would probably find the right play on the most complicated occasions, in several games where the juve struggled to make itself dangerous.

He would certainly not have solved all the problems, but having it available or not doing it all the difference in the world. And if anything had been doubtful, the match with the napoli has clarified it definitively. We in the field against the napoli”series in Juve-Napoli 2-1, moviola: Marian disaster, there’s 2 rigours!