The baggies “called” Mertens Inter: Come here and win it all

The temptation is very strong: leave Naples (a difficult choice) and accept the proposal from Inter, who had knocked on her door, already in last summer. The San Siro could be the next stage of Dries Mertens, meanwhile, it will be by this evening when it will be on the field for the first leg of the semi-final of the Coppa Italia. Gattuso has (re)placed on top of the trident which made the fortune of the team of Sarri: the belgian up front, Insigne and Callejon to the side. Like in the old times, even if on the bench there is no longer the technical tuscan. A matter of feeling and want of trust in the certainties of a time hoping that will reverberate also on the present.

The offer of Inter which tries Mertens

On the 6th of may will turn 33 years and for this reason reflects on a two-year 5 million net per season in addition to commissions and bonuses. This is the proposal that in Milan they put on the plate of the player – come in 2013, with Rafa Benitez – formally close on the right with the partenopei in June unless he can find an agreement with De Laurentiis.

There is still no agreement with Napoli

The president has asked for 15 million (plus bonuses, including a “prize” at the time of signature) to prolong the stay in the Gulf for two additional years, the answer has been negative: the club does not go beyond the current figures (4/4.2 million net).

The full salary for his move to Monaco

If it mattered only in the economic aspect and there would be even the Monk to take into consideration as a third way (10 million for two years plus 5 years as an incentive to pack up and relocate in the Principality), but in the reasoning of Mertens there is also another.

The words of the Baggies in order to “convince” the compatriot

Buzzing in the head of the tip of Leuven, there are also the words of the compatriot rest of the Baggies, who has spent the good words with the player in terms of the environment and perspectives that Inter could offer him compared to those of naples.

The programs and the economic capabilities of Suning

The programs and the economic capacity of Suning, regardless of the aspect ratio of the salary, are attractive for a player who knows he can still give a lot. And who wants to win (finally), after having only touched on the success of two years ago. But that was another story.