The Benevento is back in A. What would be left of the rose today?

Football is cruel. The time of the feast, the celebrations, it is often infinitesimal when compared with what is spent at work, on the field or in the rooms of the society. Therefore in Benevento, cool promotion To Serie a, once disposed of, the intoxication of happiness, this weekend should begin immediately to plan the team in 2020/2021 will face the second championship of serie a of its history.

The first evaluation will be done on the elements already present in the squad at the disposal of Filippo Inzaghi. Easy to imagine that the hard core of a team that has beaten many records in B is confirmed: by Lorenzo Montipò, young goalkeeper, the former Novara, such elements of experience as Christian Maggio (captain of the essential next year), Luca Caldirola (which, however, like to Naples), Nicolas Viola , and Gaetano Letizia, just to name a few, those players such as Roberto Insigne, Riccardo Improta and Andres Tello called for the first time in his career to prove to be the decisive elements even on the biggest theatre stage.

Mister Inzaghi led in triumph by his players during the celebrations 😂#SerieB #DAZN

— DAZN Italy (@DAZN_IT) June 29, 2020

It is clear, however, that any goodbye, there must also be, starting from the Maximum Queue, the attacker due to the contract already in the viewfinder of a club ambitious as Monza and Vicenza, and those players that have demonstrated to be of the second line, albeit high-level, in the season just finished. Because it is in the bench the Benevento, as well as all the other companies neopromosse, will have to make the real leap in quality. In this sense, is to consider the arrival of Loic Remy that will be official tomorrow morning. The A-Series does not grant margin of error and every element that enters should be as close to the level of quality of the football from the first minute.

Aware that you save with the experience and that the young, emerging professionals must carve out their own space in the sound and performance not held due to lack of competitors. In this sense, the Benevento it appears, however, already addressed: the average age today is slightly lower at 28 years. The feeling is, in fact, serve touches of the knife more than a real felling. Trying to insert the other elements of the absolute value to avoid that the second year in the Series proves to be a cameo like the one two seasons ago.