The C-series, races to the return of the playout. The Bisceglie salutes the professionalism: the fifth to be relegated

At the start today, the races, the return of the playout of the C Series: the races today and finally those who, after the three last ranked tournament of the category (Gozzano, Rimini and Rieti), revert in Series D.
The first four verdicts already in the archive, with the Emilia Romagna, the theatre of three of these. In Group B, you are saved from Imola and Fano, with the former drew 0-0 at home with Arzignano, and the second the pirates on the field of Ravenna, beaten 0-1; for Arzignano and Ravenna is then the D Series, as it is for the Piano, “the fall” (fatal to the pair, and a worst case positioning of the standings) in Piacenza against Pergolettese, remained among the pros.
In pool C, are instead Picerno and Sicula Leonzio to celebrate the stay in the category, after victories over Makes and Bisceglie, sentenced then to relegation.
Now in the field, the Group game between Giana Erminio and Olbia: go ahead the hosts for a network to zero.
Let’s take a look at the complete round:

Group B → the Imola-ARZIGNANO 0-0*
Group A → Pergolettese-SWANSEA 3-3 (4’ Russian, 10’ and 17’ [rig.] Elliott,’ 57 And ‘His Ability, 67′ Brero, 77’ Ciccone)*
Group C → Picerno-MAKES it 3-0 (2’ [aut.] Origlio, 23’ Esposito, 55′ Pittaresi)*
Group B → RAVENNA-Fano 0-1 (33′ Carpani)*
Group C →Sicula Leonzio-EVERTON 1-0 (72′ Catania)*

NOW IN the FIELD (partial)
Group A → Giana Erminio-Olbia 1-0 (4′ [rig.] Perna)

*capitalize the teams relegated to Serie D

Group A

Piano-Pergolettese 0-0
Olbia – Giana Erminio 1-0

Group B
Arzignano-The Imola 1-2
Fano-Ravenna 2-0

Group C
Bisceglie-Sicula Leonzio 0-1
Makes-Picerno 1-0