The curse of the mesh 9 to ac Milan, Inzaghi: “I will Give personally to Piatek my tunic”

The curse of the number 9. At Milan there was a bomber that will not be left a prey to conceding the more deleterious effects. Ask Gonzalo Higuain, who on the bench has lost everything (eye for goal, ability to be lethal in area, ductility tactics in the offensive department) until close in the worst of ways (he was returned to Juventus and then was sent on loan to Chelsea) the season. Ask for Andre Silva, arrived at the San Siro, as hit the market expensive (€38 million), and punctuated by great expectations with the blessing of his agent (Jorge Mendes) and the reputation of the player alongside CR7 in Portugal.

Not even he understood what happened and now she finds herself packed up and shipped out on loan to Frankfurt because neither the Milan nor any other company they are going to invest on him. Ask Krzysztof Piatek, the tip Polish, which last year came just in the place of the Hangnail, bringing a dowry of those networks, and the danger in the last sixteen metres that were missed.

The former Genoa had 19, and he is lost since he chose to change it with the tunic typical of a centre-forward. Team-mates – a bit of a joke and a bit for luck – they suggested to put it aside. Best to take another and let it be one which, when Pippo Inzaghi went away, it was a heavy burden. Pato, Luiz Adriano, Right, and Lapadula also include in the list of strikers who have paid duty to the bad luck, almost as if it were a joke of destiny, a divine punishment to wear the 9, I dressed as one of the greatest strikers in the history of Milan. Today, the former football player is a trainer and sits on the bench of Benevento, who was interviewed during the party for the 90 years of the club sannita said to be ready (even in the figurative sense) to break the curse.

Piatek is a strong player and will surely come back to mark as soon as possible – has allowed the technical goal of the campania -. Kidding yesterday I said that when I return to Milan I will give him personally the jersey number nine.