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The error Giua on Owned in Naples-Lecce coast two rounds to the race director




The Naples has decided not to feed the controversy and throw the other meat to the fire after what happened during the last game at the San Paolo, lost badly against Lecce 3-2: the company has informed that there will be no appeal against the decision of the Sporting Judge to inflict a fine to the Polish player Owned, reo had simulated a fall, which is sanctioned by the referee Giua. The television images have shown the race director on the occasion, has made a resounding blunder, and for this reason, the sanction would be considered unfair, but the club preferred not to further agitate the waters.

Gattuso – and especially the team – in need of rest and concentration. The moment is a delicate and decisive: after the defeat of the internal against Lecce that has compromised the good things done in the last few weeks, on Tuesday evening there will be the delicate challenge Inter in the Coppa Italia at the San Siro, hoping to get to the final of the tournament. Do not serve more controversy, other gasoline on the fire: Hiua on this occasion he is wrong, it has been said and has been certified. It goes further than that.

Giua stopped for two rounds

In the meantime, the race director of the Naples-Lecce is not the will go smooth because from what you learn, you will be required to rest. Two weeks, for two rounds of the championship, the period of time deemed to be incorrect because the vanishing of the latest tensions, and the young referee will be able to regain physical and mental shape is best for the rest of the season.

What has happened to the ncampo

Donati enters the tackle and Owned by tumbling falls to the ground. For Giua it is simulation, and the verdict has sparked the protests of the players off and present at the San Paolo. The abyss, the referee in the VAR, please contact Giua, which, however, has strongly reaffirmed its decision, opting for the silent / check: Giua is convinced of the simulation of the 99 blue. Reviewed and re-examining the episode, it is true that Owned perhaps accentuates the fall, and that the ball undergoes major changes of direction, but the contact there is: the VAR would have been able to clarify resulting in a penalty in favour of the Naples


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