The FIGC has received positively the document of the League for the Government. It is not a Salvacalcio

The Italian Football Federation has received positively the document sent by the Lega Calcio, the result of the meeting yesterday. The President, Gabriel Gravina, so tomorrow will have a confrontation with the Government to discuss the modernisation of the rules requested from the system in Italian football. Not a salvacalcio, is an issue that the members want to emphasize with force.

It is not a Salvacalcio On the table of Spadafora therefore there will be a document that will cover the modernisation of the rules already in being, not a request for aid. Rules obsolete, to kick-start the sector. 90% of requests this is not a package of state aid. It is required to simplify the construction of facilities, a review of the Melandri for the tv rights: the current law is from 2008 and does not take into account the technologies did not exist. Then a review of the Law 91 of 81 on the contracts of the players, the elimination of the prohibition of betting as sponsorship.

Meeting at the chain Today, the President From the Pine summary to Presidents and club, in a thirty-minute call, the positive reception on the part of Gravina and of the FIGC of the document. There is a total unity, however, on the part of all the companies in the League. None of the twenty club is an individual matter, but the meetings that are held at the practice on a daily basis are getting together with aimed to revive the movement and increase revenues. Agree even in the minor leagues: B and C receive 10% of its annual revenue from the League A. In the last season were so grossed 130 million euro of mutual aid, money that in the case of the stop would lead to the lower series to an uncertain future.

No discussion of recovery activities A note of no little account: in the course of the last meetings, there were discussions on the resumption of activities. These were held one-on-one between the representatives, or with short exchanges, but that of the resumption of training was not an issue that has concerned the agenda of meetings.

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