The financial statements for x-rays Less gains and more salaries, Lazio Lotito in the red for the 4th time

The Gazzetta dello Sport, in its edition today, has analyzed the budgets of the 20 teams of the Series In 2018-2019. From the macro-analysis of the overall picture emerges of a debt that totals nearly 2.5 billion, but the daily has studied in detail the individual financial statements of the companies that took part in the last championship.

The budget of the Lazio – For the fourth time in its 15 years of management, president Lotito has had to deal with a budget in the red. The -13,2 million last season, are justified by the minor gains in the market compared to the year before (26 million, compared with 63.7 million) and the increase of salaries (from 80,1 to 85,6). Debts with banks and institutions, factoring for the advance of the tv rights are rising, reaching 60 million. To these, the law, they are to add 5.3 million for security services and maintenance rendered by companies owned by Lotito. In the future, the situation seems to be improving, with the last summer which recorded capital gains of 18 million euro and savings of the salaries of 6 million.