The football is not of departure for the 25/06. Spadafora: “Impossible to comply with the distancing from the”social

Interviewed by, the Minister for sport, Vincenzo Spadafora speaks thus of the possibility to resume contact sports amateur such as soccer, on the 25th June: “These sports they won’t be back either the 25th of June, with certainty, the Minister of Hope, he believed that no one could come to be the two rules that apply to all citizens, i.e. the material, social, and the mask. Contact sports do not allow you to adhere to these two rules. Today for go in the supermarket, or for travel by train, we ask the italians to maintain the material, social, and to bring the mask. We cannot allow only for sports activities base, these security measures are avoided. So we don’t know when we will be open to contact sports”.