The former footballer Beattie: “I Am gay, I had to give up being myself to play”

The former English footballer, Thomas Beattie, said he was gay after his retirement from professional football. The athlete, 33-year-old has confessed to not being able to expose openly his sexual orientation when he was in the business because “society teaches us that masculinity is linked to sexuality, then to be an athlete who practices a sport physical made me feel a contradiction”.

He grew up in Hull City, Beattie has played as a professional in the United States, Canada and Singapore and is the fourth professional footballer to declare himself gay, the first to do it in England 30 years since the outing of Justin Fashanu. Besides the two of them, even Thomas Hitzlsperger and Robbie Rogers have confessed to be gay. “I never thought I did because I felt that I had to literally sacrifice one of two things: who they are, or the sport that I always loved you” , he said to ESPN. “I used football as an outlet, until I reached a certain personal maturity. Is a new process that will take time. As an athlete, no one helps you talk about something like that, that’s why I want to share my story.”