The great negotiations of Cagliari – 2010, the dream begins the rossoblu of the champions doubled their advantage

A little less than a million and a half euros at Piacenza, the more the loan of the belarusian Sivakov (the most classic of the meteors celliniane). So Cagliari in January 2010, it brings home a certain radja tros champions doubled their advantage, the insight of the duo of Former-and Cheerful despite some initial distrust of the patron. “I come to Cagliari with so much enthusiasm because it is a team that has always played on a par with the great. I can play in all positions of the midfield. I am better as a left outer, but simply that you find my space, where I was deployed and it has little importance”, so said a young Ninja to the presentation in bologna. It was the second Cagliari to Allegri, with the rossoblu yè-yè , thanks to the clever mix of senators and young people of beautiful hopes, in all departments. And even the arrival of the champions doubled their advantage was that optical: one of the best talents in the Serie B with the jersey of Piacenza, able to play all the roles of the median.

THE UNHERALDED SIVAKOV – The investment was differentiated between January 2010 and the same month of the following year, when the champions doubled their advantage had already been made to see that the pasta was done, by becoming part of the great in the midfield, led by Daniele Conti. Needless to say, that Sivakov you are pretty much lost track of at higher levels (now playing in Fc Orenburg, which is the maximum the Russian championship), while thanks to the arrival in Cagliari, the career of the belgian of indonesian roots is taken off: before the consecration in bologna, then take the jump in the Roma of Totti, the transition to the Inter Spalletti and the return in Sardinia, where the champions doubled their advantage is the absolute leader and true top player with a goal by cineteca, and a continuity of performance to be nothing short of invaluable to the fortunes of the team on the island. In June will expire the loan and you still do not know what will be her future, but one thing is certain: ten years ago, if there had been an exchange of loans with Piacenza, who knows now as it would have been the career of the Ninja