The great negotiations of the Bologna – 1962, comes the talent creative of Helmut Haller

The creation of the Bologna in 1964 to win his seventh and last championship also runs from the summer of 1962. Raffaele Sansone, ex-footballer turn of the Thirties and Forties, which once hung the shoes to the nail decides to remain living in Bologna, has a name to recommend to the president Renato Dall’ara. Between the two there is a great feeling, since the number 1 genoa have paid out in 1934, 500 pesos to bring it back among the ranks of his team after a year of Penarol.
By Ara trust the sense of the observer and of Samson, and which has already become the patron of people as Pascutti and Tumburus or two that will leave an indelible mark in the history of the club. When, therefore, the uruguayan is the name of a 23-year-old director offensive German that could be the case of the felsinei From Ara is thrown headlong. Also why is that guy with a blond named Helmut Haller, who has made his debut with the jersey of West Germany was little more than a nineteen-year-old and has done well as the truck driver, had already made a fool of By the Ara with a superb performance in mesh teutonic.
After the chilean World, in which West Germany exits to the quarter-finals at the hands of Yugoslavia, Haller can devote himself body and soul to the negotiations with Bologna. The negotiation is not easy because there is a long pull, and the spring for the engagement that in the end, it resolves with a two-year, 45 million lire. The agreement with Augsburg, the club where Haller began, it is easier: check 40 million detached and the player can take the road of Italy. Being careful not to do as From the Ara and Samson, and that on the return trip, they end up in a ditch remained luckily unhurt. The Bologna Fulvio Bernardini, now firmly among the first of the class, has found the missing piece to level up. The doubt is related to the coexistence tactic with Giacomo Bulgarelli: it will be the flag of the bolognese sacrifice for the good of the team.
With his incredible talent, his capacity to invent played decisive, his dribbling, and his extrovert and away from the canons of the teutonic order, Haller will become in a very short time a favourite with the fans. And also thanks to his performances with Bologna, climb up to the flag, won in a historic tie with Inter. Haller then will continue his career with Juventus, and still with Augsburg, leaving everywhere the memory of a number 10 with all the trimmings and a sunny person.