The great negotiations of the Naples – 1952, issue of the sea: Jeppson for a digit epoch-making

Blond, blue eyes, physique of a viking of the North. Hans Jeppson was an idol of the Fifties. A striker 22 goals in 27 appearances in his first season in Serie A, in 1951, with the shirt of Atalanta, the imposing swede had a passion for many sports. Football was his job, tennis, golf and sailing only a few of his hobbies. Go on a boat more than anything else, gave him the feeling back to childhood, she then confessed to him at the end of his career. And it is precisely for this reason that in the summer of 1952, he chose Napoli.

The love of the sea. After his adventures in the homeland, first in England, then, Hasse had thought to stay more fresh in Italy. The climate of Bergamo, however, was hard. One day, on a trip in the direction of Palermo, made the port of Naples, and felt the smell of the sea. Intoxicated by that aroma natural and full of memories for him, he decided that sooner or later he would have played there. The Achille Lauro, then, he put his: 75 million to the Atalanta and 30 per player, payable absolutely on its behalf to switzerland. That’s why immediately became the Bank of Naples for the fans. Once, overwhelmed by an opponent, a supporter from the stands yelled “If’n you fell the” Banco di Napoli”, the batting, then become historical. Why he had spent so much, 105 million in all, the value of 90 cars of large capacity. Only the first of a series of strokes signed Lauro.