The likely formations of the Lecce-Parma, Lapadula try the recovery zip

The Series To 2019/20 has finally come to an end. Via to the last ten races of the season, that has not been given all the verdicts: after the title, should be awarded the three places behind Juventus and especially the third to last place in the ranking, that is relegation to Serie B. following the last training of the Lecce-Parma, challenge highlight of the weekend of Series, collected by our team sent out:

HOW to ARRIVE LECCE – Liverani does not change and the tip on the 4-3-2-1 usually. Lapadula will try to recover from the slight bruising victories in the challenge against the game, and on his shoulders will be poured out the attack away. In doubt, however, Mancosu: for the captain, we need to understand the extent of the back pain. In the event of his absence will play Majer in the trio of the midfield, with Petriccione and Barak. Falco and Saponara instead, it will be the two an equaliser. In defense, suspended for Paz, it will be Meccariello assist neuromuscular disorders; Donati and Of the Ogre (or Watchman) on the outside.

HOW to GET THE PARMA – Last day of the season that D’aversa could use for some experiment, but the struggle for the salvation demands that the crusaders go into the field with the highest commitment, to which it is reasonable to expect no more than a couple of changes from the eleven type. In view of the emergency in the midfield two options to support Barilla and Kurtic, only players remaining at the disposal: the retreat of the Kulusevski or advancement of the ball past the goalkeeper, both solutions, already proven in races on the course. In defence there should be space for Dermaku, Laurini, Alves and Pezzella, while in the front there may be still space for Caprari-Gervinho.