The limit of the Count: blocks the score and goes into a doll. So Inter can’t win

Change the dogma, not the faithfulness in pursuing it. Antonio Conte, the coach has lived a path of evolution in at least three times, is struggling to come to terms with the idea of the flexibility that is also one of the keys to success in Europe in football in these years. The defeat of the Italian Cup against Napoli brings to the surface the lack of interpretation that so far has separated the technician salentino from great international recognition.

A career with two dogmas, 4-2-4, and 3-5-2

When he arrived at Juventus, he carried the reputation as a dogmatic fundamentalist of the 4-2-4. So he had played and won at Arezzo, Bari and Siena. It was not, however, managed to impose the model, as recalled by Lorenzo Longhi in an article of 2013 to Sky Sport, Atalanta: he offered seasons memorable to the external Opening, Sestu, Kamata, but collided with Gifts, then an idol, that playmaker that they did not like some of that evolution.

In black and white it takes little to understand that in order to play the best men in pink will have to change the form. Begins a phase of experimentation that leads him to the 4-3-3 and then 3-5-2 that accommodates the best of the three untouchables of midfield for his first Juve (Vidal, Pirlo, Marchisio), and will reward even more the quality of the actor to Win.

The 3-5-2, which in one of the first applications lets beat Inter’s Ranieri to become the new dogma, with good peace of those who, in those years of refining the model, had tried to redefine the Count-thoughts from a fundamentalist to a quick-change artist.

Il modulo base della Juve che vinse il campionato con 102 puntiin the picture: The basic module of the Juve that won the championship with 102 points

Football fast, structured but a bit too hard

Change the numbers, exactly, but not the tetragonal conviction of the rightness of the path we take. Conte has always been a little bit reluctant to change the score of his football structured and encoded. For this reason, its teams, not only the Inter of this year, they win “if everybody run to two hundred per hour”. Because the speed of thought and execution, in close relationship of cause and effect, reduce the possibility that the gear will infiltrate the small grain of sand capable of sparigliare fates and fortune.

The success of Bari, also by leaders in Serie B, to suffer and not be able to locate remedies quick against opponents capable of drying up the sources of the game. So Guidolin, who in 2008-2009, coached Parma won 2-0 at the San Nicola with his 3-5-2 guarantees the man against the goalkeeper of Bari (De Vezze and Torino), and with a kickoff takes away the black and red outlet on the flanks. At the interval, the match is already decided.

“I live for the victory, you know that for me there is a difference between winning and losing, and corresponds to live or die,” he said on the day of the presentation by the head coach of the National team. “When I lose, it is as if I were in apparent death. A relationship is so physical with the football and with its primary objective, which remains, the result, perhaps not conducive to the thought that is detached and the detachment of vision that allows you to the reason of prevaler on emotion.

La rete di passaggi dell’Inter contro il Napoli in Coppa Italia. Emerge la difficoltà che Brozovic ha incontrato nel dialogare con le mezzali, e la mancanza di un piano d’attacco alternativo efficacein the picture: The network of passages of Inter against Napoli in the Coppa Italia. Emerges the difficulty that Brozovic has met in a dialogue with the mezzali, and the lack of a plan of attack effective alternative

The difficulties in Europe

His is a kick that is taken quickly, that transforms the group into a team and has a transforming impact immediate, even in the context of National, the more difficult in view of the impossibility of a continuous work with the players. It is a football that is exalted in victory, where success is pleasure and motivation, as has been said recently Eden Hazard not at his ease with the Italian coaches that he has seen in the last few seasons at Chelsea (the Count Himself).

But the same power as transformative is not seen when the score for some reason is out of place, when the plan is not enough to support the ambition, the pride and the passion. From the sergeant in the snow, sank in Istanbul with Juventus in the Champions League, in the last group match of the edition 2013-14, while Vidal and Pogba continued to play the ball to the ground in a vertical, or at least to try, on a field that would have required a massive dose of calcium d’antan, to bolt the “bread and salame”: in short, pull it high and long and hope for in a centre-forward.

A day of total confusion of the former Rudiger has instead exposed the imbalances of the offensive 3-4-3 of his Chelsea against Roma’s Francesco in 2017. And at the bottom of the current campaign, Europe’s goal of the season and is marked by two defeats in the comeback, Barcelona and Dortmund, who have followed a similar development. Inter has played the first two times sumptuous, and then something happened that has changed the placement of the opponents: (the entrance of Vidal at the Camp Nou in a different form in Dortmund that free right Hakimi, nightmare of Marshall. Inter will crush, you lose, reel.

Il confronto offensivo tra Inter e Borussia Dortmund nel primo tempo. I tedeschi gestiscono più il pallone ma l’Inter protegge meglio l’areain the photo: The comparison offensive between Inter and Borussia Dortmund in the first time. The germans manage more of the ball but Inter were better protects the areaL’Inter si è schiacciata nel secondo tempo in casa del Borussia Dortmund. La rete di passaggi riferita al solo secondo tempo lo dimostra (fone: Wyscout)in the photo: Inter has crushed in the second half in the home of Borussia Dortmund. The network of passages refers only to the second time shows fone: Wyscout)

Block Brozovic for gagging the Inter

The latest games confirm the trend, and also tell of how the Inter depends on the direction of Brozovic, that Gattuso has gagged in the semi-finals of the Coppa Italia, as Maurizio De Santis has detailed, by placing Mertens in a role of the medium: a little wing-half, a bit left, even without the ball just to take out spaces of freedom in the Croatian, a little striker. Remove Brozovic and mezzali removes the Inter a first, fundamental, offensive strategy that provides for re-assault and forward in between the lines at the back of the midfield opponent. However, if, as at the San Siro, Meaning it is not in a day, and does not dictate the depth, and the couple Zielinski-Ruiz, fencing lines of the passage, then the Inter is less frightening.

At the bottom, for 50 minutes, it is precisely this that is managed well, to the Milan of the Rungs, before Ibrahimovic turned the light on the dream rossoneri in the derby. Of course, it is also true that to change a gear in which each piece is placed according to precise instructions also requires time. And the first version of a possible 3-4-1-2 with Eriksen (playmaker, for a plentiful time in Udine, has not exactly convinced. The rigidity, in this, does not help.