The Naples Cup is another thing. And the Inter of the Count s papers at the San Siro

The bolt you also need to know how to do. At the San Siro, Napoli and Gattuso, who on the consciousness brought the horrors against Lecce, rolled up their sleeves and have a game set up intelligent, prudent, devoted to sacrifice, but strong quality that a little bit helps to not simply stay closed in a corner to take punches and a little bit allows you to reject the opponent with blows from the surgical. It’s all here – and it is not just the victory of napoli (0-1) in the first leg of the semi-final of the Coppa Italia against Inter at the San Paolo (in the championship) had used its compactness, as a distinctive trait to beat the match ended 3-1 with the Baggies and Lautaro, which is pulled in the opponent’s defense like knife in the butter, capitalizing on the spaces, the missing covers (and the “cappellate”) of the owners of the house.

Wednesday evening, the script was reversed, with the aggravating circumstance for the team to Count that long ball (to trigger the speed of Lautaro, and the physicality of the Baggies) and change the game on the flanks (more Moses that Biraghi) will reveal more flashes, occasional solutions to accompany the development of the maneuver. The reason for this? Is twofold: the Stretcher is “exhaust” compared to the derby; the Meaning does not make the Eriksen does not dictate neither the passage nor the rhythm, nor the change of pace; Brozovic is a little bright and a good part of its “opacity” is also explained by the move of Gattuso, who has placed upon him, Mertens neutralizing geometries and cheers reasoned. The race of the belgian is to be commended for the discipline, intelligence, and above all for the flexibility that leads him to interpret the game as a 9 (when he attacks, and turns to flight the inside right-a nice passage of Callejon), a 10 who has the good feet for a finish, or an 8-wheel that folds in to the midfield.

So 54% of ball possession for the benefit of the Inter-turns out to be barren, and for a good part of the match remains caught between the “frisian horses” arranged on the green rectangle: Demme low apex, Zielinski across the field (but slightly shiny at the end of the first half to two steps from the Net), Fabian Ruiz, which is outside the distance (its the network, the beautiful, that addresses the qualification).

Don’t mistake the mole numeric because in the end, under “great opportunities” and “opportunities wrong” there will be no difference (a part). Except in the final, when the insertion of Sanchez and the ex-Tottenham draw in the middle of the field an aggressive formation (4-3-3 with the Danish version of the director, be in the spaces and also to the roll), the hosts never give the impression of being able to take the reins of the match in his fist.

529 steps facts (88% accuracy), compared to 432 in Naples (86% accuracy) punctuate the more the attempt of getting off “on the beach”, proceeding in a zig-zag but without advancing an inch, that the articulation of the geometric manoeuvre. There are 117 the lost balls from the inter (10 more than the neapolitans), 39 the contrasts won by the team of Gattuso who has also a larger number of duels aircraft (10), interceptions (8) and saves made (34). The Inter end up in the funnel, and when he loses the ball risks with Elmas (lined up outside on the left) and Callejon (across the street) very skilled in the role of struggle and of government.

Praiseworthy is the performance of the Macedonian: in the 4-5-1 recitation with profit the script that Gattuso has written for him, was able to get the team with the physicality and quality showing a good personality in spite of the age (20 years). A note? Research a bit excessive leaving from your area with Ospina to revive as if you were to run an order of Guardiola. He is not the Ederson and Gattuso is not Pep… but if there behind Manolas and Maksimovic keep botta, Lorenzo and Mario Rui suffer a little is about just the collective idea of sacrifice that shows (finally) a Naples that is not only race and competitive mettle. The pet-Count after the race, when he recalls the victories against Liverpool and a draw at Anfield), Lazio, Juventus, and defines the “blues” one of the strongest teams and difficult to deal with” after the bianconeri. Sin has thrown a league to the nettles, but that is another story.