The player of the lazio daniel guerini died at 19 years: he investigates for road murder

For the death of daniel guerini investigates for road murder. To guide the mercedes class a, a sixty-seven-year-old, whose position is at the expense of the roma prosecutor. local police officers of the local police capital of the casilin group, who have carried out the scientific reliefs of the incident, are collecting the necessary information to provide the magistrate for the investigation.

When investigators will be able to listen to the two eighteen-year-old friends of daniel, one of which is located in private prognosis, hospitalized San Giovanni adolrata in Rome. It would seem, but it is still to be confirmed, that at the guidance of the smart there was just nineteen dead. One of the friends of daniel is in reserved prognosisinvestigators will have to wait to get the testimony of the two friends of daniel, because one of them is found in confidential prognosis.

The other peerage is instead at the hospital of tor vergata with orange code and from what you learn would not be in danger of life. Also for the driver of the mercedes class to medical care has been necessary and has been transported to the sandro pertini, to be subjected to investigations.