The province is not only a trampoline. Juric and De Zerbi on the road traced by Gasp

“I have got so, after a dinner, and a bitter.” Without the classical rhetoric to their certain situations (and declarations) the technical Verona’s Ivan Juric has explained the why and the wherefores of a choice, that of renewing, with the Hellas, which has surprised for mode and timing. On him, as well as clubs abroad that would have offered opportunities and new life experiences, having moved with force, Torino and Fiorentina. Not really the two big in the true sense of the word, but certainly the company that would permit the mister the croat to take a step forward in terms of projects and prospects on the market. Not for gratitude, probably not even for money (as others would have offered more). Juric has simply made a mix of heart and reason, and chose. He decided to stay where it has worked well, without anxieties, without worries, without pressure. With good peace of those who, with more or less insistence, he tried to take it away from Verona.

De Zerbi and the freedom of action – A speech very similar is true of Roberto De Zerbi, fresh, but not fresh renewal with Sassuolo. In the past few days had been Himself to admit his “envy” for the technical neroverde, one who has ideas of football (shareable or not, but still ideas) and that has all the freedom of this world, in putting them into practice. After the murmurs of the beginning of the year, his team has started to dominate the game, points and especially goals. And the results are there, imprinted in the ranking, testifying to the goodness of the combination created at the Mapei Stadium. And who knows, maybe the next year, after you could only dream about Europe in these weeks of summer, the shot can not be raised further…

Gasp track on the road. And becomes the model to imitate – The Atalanta, in the last few years, has experienced a growth unthinkable under all points of view. The merits of the company, of the players, and of course, the Scoring. That in the past has often been close to the goodbye, especially the Roma was interested. But in the end it always prevailed the desire to stay in Bergamo to enjoy and most of all his creature. And who knows that the streets of Juric and De Zerbi can’t really go in that direction, parallel albeit backwards compared to the Goddess. Because, in essence, to change, to go to Torino, Fiorentina, Lazio, Barcelona, and maybe the risk of hitting a release mid-season? Why prefer a higher-budget market with respect to freedom of implementation of your own thinking football? The technical Sassuolo and Hellas have chosen to stay. And now the ball passes to fate, that at the end of the next year will tell if they really had reason to choose not to change.