The reports of the Inter – Eriksen lost, the defense on tilt. But from the bench, here is the Deus ex machina

Parma – Inter 1-2 (15′ Gervinho, 84′ De Vrij, 88′ Sticks)

Handanovic 6 – Goal lead on goals from Gervinho, responds well to waves from the outside of Kulusevski.

Godin 6 – one of the few sufficienze in the first half for the nerazzurri, in which the uruguayan almost power of attorney a penalty for and works well in the marking phase on Cornelius. Cala in the recovery (From the 72′ Sticks 6,5 – Enter in the field and the limelight to surprise with a free header in the 2-1 win. Another part, fundamental in its growth path).

De Vrij 6 – a More uncertain and inaccurate than usual, especially in the first half of the game. Tonight is struggling to control the department’s backlog, but still has the merit of sign l’1-1 when the Parma seemed to have in hand the victory.

D’ambrosio 5,5 – From the review on the occasion of the network of the advantage ducale, when the defender currency bad the launch for Gervinho and does not close properly, consequently, on the ivorian. The first, but not the last occasion on which the direct opponent sent him into a tailspin.

Candreva 5,5 – Gervinho makes it sit before putting on Handanovic for the 1-0 goal: a mistake that weighs on a test that, even in the attacking phase, not the has of course, seen to stand out (From 68′ Moses, a 6 – Comes in and offers almost immediately Sticks the ball out for the 2-1. Another change in spot-on).

Stretcher 6 – Is one of the least docile of the Inter, but also in the difficulties of the first time. Sometimes sins of lucidity, it is true, but it is the man who gives balance to the whole of the Inter.

Gagliardini 5,5 – She is little, very little. Even if the third match in a row, in this period of emergency, it can be definitely used as an excuse for his not perfect physical condition.

Biraghi 5,5 – Pushes too intermittently on the left, without ever being able to put in the box, a cross-poisonous with his left. In the defensive phase, then, has almost always worse before Kulusevski (From the 70′ Young-6 – Good input for the English national team, which is a favourable draw with Inter with a corner well-calibrated area).

Eriksen 5 – Not a great performance for the former Tottenham, who misses the times on a few games and ends up quickly in the anonymity. This may not be the real Eriksen (From 68′ Sanchez 6 – Enter with the right spirit, calling Sepe at the first parade worthy of note of the meeting).

The baggies 5,5 – Cancelled by Bruno Alves in the first time, grow up a little in the shot without, however, being able to leave a mark.

Lautaro Martinez 6 – the Same argument made for the Baggies, even if the ‘Bull’ this time has the merit to provide De Vrij of the bank for the goal of’1-1.

Stellini 6 – Nothing to a turnover in the attack, while changing almost totally the defense. Well the choice of a Stretcher in the median. But this Inter has an underlying problem: a physical condition precarious. Tonight a few ideas, but a big heart. With a signal directed to the upper floors: “We are there yet!”.