The software streaming live Streamlabs OBS arrives in beta on macOS

The popular software for streaming live Streamlabs OBS, owned by Logitech, is finally available in beta version on macOS.

In a blog post, Streamlabs, says that the new app for the mac has many similarities to the version found on Windows PCS. The goal is to make it easier to streaming, the involvement with the fans and more using a single application.

For example, Streamlabs OBS for Mac offers the popular feature of automatic optimization created by Logitech. This allows the streamer to analyze the speed of the Internet and the hardware of the computer to provide a streaming experience the more fluid as possible. There is also support for importing settings from other software of the transmission.

Streamlabs OBS integrates with other platforms including Twitch, YouTube, Mixer, and Facebook. This allows the streamer to customize the experience, and monetize their content on each of these platforms.

Here are some of the features of Streamlabs OBS beta for Mac:

  • Alerts donation custom: customize the appearance of alerts on the screen, and encourages donations by customizing the layout, animation, message, text, image, and other
  • Widget compelling: over a dozen of widgets and engaging, designed to increase the participation of the audience and improving monetization
  • Optimization of video coding: an automatic learning system encoding the video games, giving the streamer the possibility to reduce the CPU usage of over 20% while maintaining the same video quality
  • Recording selective: choose the sources that appear in your live broadcast
  • Moderation of Cloudbot: protect the chat from spam, or add features fun mini-games, surveys, loyalty points and other
  • Themes overlay premium: over 250 topics and overlay free made by the best designers in the industry
  • Integrated Chat: a chat window integrated within the software helps the streamer to keep track of all the chat of the spectators on their channel
  • Merch Store: function Merch Store Streamlabs offers the streamer live the ability to customize an assortment of different products with their own logos and sell them in streaming for free.

You can download the beta of Streamlabs for Mac from here totally free.