The world of sports and of football mourn Gianni Mura: reactions to the death of the journalist

The tragic news of the death of Gianni Mura, who died this morning at the hospital of Senigallia due to heart attack suddenly has shocked the world of sport and Italian football in the last hours he wept and recalled the well-known journalist with a variety of messages published on social profiles and websites on the internet. Among the first to remember the figure of what was defined as the heir of the late Gianni Brera, was the president From the Pine to the name of the whole League expressed “its deep sorrow for the death of a professional will always provide a point of view, attentive and competent to the events of our world.”

He has told memorable pages in the history of football, cycling and sport in general – has, instead, written for the Inter in a note published on his website – he did It with a unique style, accompanying readers with his articles, his interviews and his books charges insights, wit, and poetry. One of the expressions of the biggest and best of sports journalism: the Italian. Not only sport: he has brought his contribution, and his words also published in journals of the associations humanitarian, always leaving a deep mark”.

The mourning of the clubs of Serie A and other sports

In addition to the two clubs, also Fiorentina and Napoli Aurelio De Laurentiis, they immediately wanted to participate in the mourning of the sport with two tweets posted a few hours after his death: “The Florentine joins the pain of the world of journalism for the sudden death of Gianni Mura. Historic signing of Republic has been able to tell in a unique way, sports, from football to two-wheels“, “The SSC Napoli tightens the pain of the family Walls for the loss of dear Gianni, historic signing of Republic”.

With his eyes wet from the emotion, also Luca Pancalli did not fail to greet: “I learned with deep sadness the news of the death of Gianni Mura. Our Country loses a master of journalism and a cultured and refined intellectual , “declared the president of the paralympic Committee of – his pen, she told us with intelligence and sensitivity of many sports enterprises causing them to enter forever in the hearts of italians. In these difficult days, read them again to its pages to find the strength of spirit of which we all need. I want to express to his family, to the people dear to him and to the editorial staff of the Republic of my closeness and that d the whole of the paralympic movement”.