Theft of migrant bikes, investigating mayor.’ Careful hallucinating – campania

(laughing) – striano, 23 mag – ‘is a paradoxical affair, in some ways hallucinating. I didn’t commit any theft, I just limited myself to removing some firm bicycles, with so much chain, in the common and placed so as to obstruct even the regular passage. I did not know who those means belonged to.

I have confidence in the judiciary and will bring in the appropriate offices the evidence that demonstrates extraneity to the facts that are challenged to me. To speak is the mayor of striano (napoli), antonio of the judge, reached – as he tells in the current edition the morning – together with two other people (civil protection volunteers) from a notice of conclusion investigations with a precise hypothesis of crime: theft pluriaggravato. The discussion also ends in the municipal council, where the opposition does not spare criticism to the judge’s antonio even on political affiliation, he who is an expression of brothers of Italy.