This Juventus has the defects of that of Allegri, and not the merits of the Naples of Sarri

Patience. A word that at home Juventus is repeated like a mantra from the beginning of the season, when discussing the performance of the first half, so similar to the recent past and are still far from the new imprint Sarriana. We are in late February, and the Sarrismo (the one that made us fall in love of the “game”, at the time of Naples), it is seen only fleetingly in a team that seems to still have the “defects” of the one of the predecessor Allegri. If the performance is not exciting in the latest releases, even though the results were not at the height with the two ko against Napoli and Verona and the draw in the last minute against Milan in the Coppa Italia.

Juventus still waiting for the metamorphosis Sarriana

The arrival of Sarri was to coincide with a change of philosophy in black and white: a turn based simplistically in search of the “beautiful game” over that of the result, with the aim of staying at the top in Italy and bridge the gap with the big in Europe in the Champions league. At the moment certainly can not speak of a “crisis” because the Old Lady is still in the game on three fronts, and could virtually win everything at the moment. However, what is under the eyes of all, is that the long-awaited metamorphosis Sarriana have not seen, if not of life. In house-ball, it still makes reference to the patience: if at the beginning of the season pointed to the budget in February to see the first effects of the work of the heir of the Allegri, the timescales are longer still. Difficult, however, to wait when you train a formation whose motto is “Winning is the only thing that matters”, especially if in the latest releases as well as the performance, also the results (from the flop Super to ko with Naples, and Verona in the last three of A Series), they did ring the alarm bell.

What should not be in the Juventus team of Sarri

So far the Sarrismo it is seen only fleetingly, with its maximum expression in black and white that is perhaps arrived in the big match in Milan against Inter (and in the first half of the challenge of home with the Naples). Then for large stretches, it reviewed the “defects” of the Juventus of Allegri. What initially is in the eyes of all, is the game not convincing, performance lackluster, after beginning in 2020 fueled optimism. Juventus pulls a little in the door and gets lost often in a striking network of passages, and conceded a goal with “too much” ease, showing a lightness (just think of the network of the draw of Verona), that even with the predecessor of Sarri was. Even at the level of modules, mister former Napoli and Chelsea, alternating the 4-3-1-2 and the 4-3-3, turning often and willingly checkers available, without being able to give a character accurate to his team

The cases Kick and Totti

Of course Sarri is to deal with an abundance of players (because of a lack of summer transfer of leadership?), it has never had in the past, but also in this regard is the apparent lack of certainty in several pivotal roles. Just think of the trequartista, a role in which you are alternating, Bernardeschi (no luck), Ramsey and Douglas Costa, to Kick during the race. Curious just the case of Joya, which has shown a better performance in terms of goals with respect to the management of Allegri, but also with Sarri often has still played by “tuttocampista” going to take the ball close to the midline. An area in which there is a setter as Jorginho, to which the mister has always entrusted the keys to his team. The project Up, with the aim to tap the bosnian more balloons than in the past, you started off well, but it is revealed with the passing of the days a half-flop.

The new Juve still has the faults of Allegri, and not the merits of the Naples of Sarri

I would say, even after Milan-Juventus, the less evil there is Ronaldo. The bomber Portuguese from December onwards it is literally loaded on the shoulders of the team of Sarri, finding goals in 12 games in a row between the championship and the cup. In a attack where the coach has to manage (not without difficulty) the dualism Higuain-Kick, and the discontent of both in the case of exclusions. At the moment , therefore, the individuality, especially CR7, seem to enhance the performance of your team, the more that the opposite. A situation that, inevitably, can not help but think that this Juventus still has the “slag” of the Max Allegri (still winning) and not the merits of the Naples of Sarri. For now.