Timo Werner and the first side-effect of the invasion of the market 2020/2021

Timo Werner of Chelsea is the first big shot of the market in view of the season 2020/2021. Yesterday the Blues and the Leipzig have announced the transfer, which will be finalized on the basis of more than 50 million euros, which is the value of the clause of the German striker. Werner still has before him two challenges in the Bundesliga with the bibitari, against Borussia Dortmund and Augsburg: a double comparison which will serve to Leipzig in order to regain a place in the Champions league and that’s the same Werner will and must contribute, even if only to leave a beautiful memory. Then, however, finished the championship, it will be already time to think about your new adventure. Because the transfer will be effective already from 1 July, the date on which the Bundes will be over but still far away from the resumption of the Champions League.

The paradox of the new market in the old season – In essence, Werner will move to Chelsea but will remain stationary until the start of next season. The player, by his own will, not play the quarter-final against Leipzig, and he will be able to train (but not play) with Chelsea. A paradox, think about it. Because FIFA has “sponsored” the extension of the current contracts until the end of the season, while not being able to legislate on the matter. On the other hand, though, together with the UEFA, he left full discretion to the various leagues and federations about the decisions concerning the new dates of the market. From the first of July, the Premier club will be able to accommodate new players, and Werner will be the first but not the last one, while seasons at the european level, will need at least another fifty days to arrive at your conclusion. By tightening, the market 2020/2021, invading the season 2019/2020 (will end on August 23 with the final of the Champions) creates and will create paradoxes and cases of difficult resolution. Werner is the first case and apparently has not created problems between the society and private have found their arrangements. But the problem remains and the Leipzig to the Final Eight of the Champions League, will not be available to a player that so far in the season he scored the beauty of the 32 goals (with 13 assists).