Tokyo: Learned “I read of athletes desperate, but let’s have the numbers?”

(X-Sports) – ROMA, 25 MAR – “I Read the post of the athletes desperate with
captions rips tears because they say they are shocked and
you have made effort and sacrifice for nothing since the Olympics
you will next year. Guys, but are we giving the numbers?”.
The blue of the swimming, Luca Dotto, with a post on Twitter, resumes
those athletes that you would be resentful of the postponement of the Games
of Tokyo by 2021. “The real drama is living through,” writes the Learned
– anyone who is sick or who at the end of this period will forfeit the
work or not know how to give food to their family.
Us athletes professional and we are privileged and some of
we are really sbarellando”. (X-Sports).