Tourism: from June 1 to the hairy back the closed number – Sardinian

Also this year in the beach of the furry of stintino will be active the closed number. The online booking system will be available soon. Access will be regulated from 8 to 18 and a maximum presence of 1500 daily users is expected.

Are excluded from the closed number under 12. will be oato the same booking system that last year made record about 100 thousand reservations. “To the hairy we have dedicated great attention and resources because we believe in its recovery,” says the mayor Antonio diana. As the deputy mayor angel slapped, “the hairy is a very popular beach and must be managed at best, the choice of the closed number allowed a qualitative leap from the point of view of the image, services and environmental protection”.

For francesca demontis, councillor of tourism, “last year’s experience has served to start a car that is now rodata”.