Tourism: pd, summer jamboree excluded from floor, deliberate choice – brands

(ansa) – ancona, 21 May – “in the framework of a three-year plan of tourism already mediocre and without any vision, the aquaroli junta has managed inexplicably to exclude the regional event of maximum promotion of the brands, capable alone, to record the tourist presences of dozens of other initiatives. To say it is maurizio Mangialardi, regional group leader pd, after the approval yesterday of the three-year plan of tourism 2021-2023 from the legislative assembly of the brands. “all promises fall – he insists on eating lards, former mayor of senigallia – not only of the president aquaroli, but also of the mayor olivetti, supported each other in the last administrative elections.

“the hope – followed by eating lards – is that now, despite the silence of the municipal administration, in the budget we can remedy this situation through the allocation of adequate resources, at least equal to those previewed for the macerata opera festival and the redden opera festival, that allow to plan the future presence of the summer jamboree to senigallia”.