Turin, today the last of Longo and many others. Then it will be revolution by Giampaolo

There is no time to lose, the new season of the Bull must already begin from tomorrow. The one against Bologna will be a race only useful for the statistics: we will try, if for no other, not to match the negative record of goals conceded, the 69 of 1950/1951 (now the grenade they are at 67). Then, via the programming, and the work to be done there will be a lot of. There is a need for a revolution, a real, also because this season has been bankruptcy under all aspects. “At Longo, it must be said, thank you,” the words of president Urbano Cairo, who know so much of the pink slip to the current technical, so we will start with a new coach, all the clues lead Marco Giampaolo.

And then there is a rose from the rebuild, since there are different pawns with suitcases in hand. A lot of people think of other roads and other projects, on all Armando Izzo and Nicolas Nkoulou: the first is a long time in the viewfinder of the Inter, the second had to be sold last year before being put out pink and then reinstated, but now something is broken. Lyanco is destined to return to Bologna, Berenguer and Aina would not mind returning one in Spain and another in England. And then there are the two big, Sirigu and Belotti, the players from which all would share. Are the top players of the Bull, those between parades and goals have avoided relegation. Here, however, we need to understand if their ambitions are the same of the president Cairo this summer called really an examination of fundamental importance. The keeper looks on with interest Rome and Naples, and in the case in which there was a coming and going between the posts could apply in the post or in the blue, while the Gallo remains a strong interest of Fiorentina and several clubs of the Premier League.

In any case, today in Bologna will be the last grenade to the many protagonists of this season. Then, still more, that the time of the processes, will serve to rebuild immediately because the project of this year has failed in every point of view. The first summer, grenade ds David Vagnati will be immediately boiling, between sales and purchases will have to set up a pink competitive. And deliver it, with every probability, to Marco Giampaolo.