Udinese, Well: “De Paul is ready for a top club. We know that the Mandrake can leave”

In the course of the interview with the newspaper ‘Il Gazzettino’, the patron ofUdinese chairman Gianpaolo Pozzo has actually open to the possibility that this summer both De Paul and the Mandrake may leave the club: “De Paul has made on its path of maturation and is now a player of great reliability. Needless to hide that is a player who one day will land in a top club. We have to assess the situation Mandragora. We would be happy if you stay here in Udine, but we know that may not be so”.
For Mandrake, the Juventus at the time of transfer of the footballer to the club friulano in 2018 already set the terms for his return to Turin, and now is ready to redeem him.