Urologist,insecurity,boom surgery to increase size – campania

(ansa) – napoli, 06 mag – young people, very attentive to their body and often obsessed with the size. To talk about a boom of a surgery that can correct unsatisfactory dimensions in the very young partenopei is the professor fabrizio iacono, associated with urology to the federico ii of napoli. “interventions and bookings for this type of surgery – says iacono – have increased a lot.

What emerges from the clinical experience of the professor is also a heavy psychological fall of the lockdown on these guys. “has increased insecurities, leading young people to increasingly immerse themselves in a virtual dimension that now has to reconcile with real encounters. Here the anxiety of not being able to disappoint expectations, especially if the size is not generous. ”

“under nine and up to seven we talk about hypodotation and under seven micropenes. In these cases surgery can really make a difference.” “every case must be carefully evaluated – concludes iacono -, often insecurities are only psychological, sometimes there is a real need to intervene.

The most right thing to do is to talk to your andrologist and plan to do it.”