Vaccines: hundreds of 80 year olds besieged in the cold in nuoro – Sardinian

Long and maxi-cut files of old people curled and nuored for vaccinations. Many citizens of the nuorese who have published angry photos and comments on social media, including some representatives of the institutions asking for an intervention by the ata. Who has roles of responsibility, like the undersigned, has the duty not to blow on the fire of polemics, but the measure is now full”.

Coconut offers solutions to the assl: ” to discipline the files is sufficient that the staff of the zonchello hospital and the san francesco are used, where there are more employees than doors. The municipality has done everything possible with the police officers of the municipal, taken badly words from the users spaced and unsweetened, but things must be organized better”. It’s possible – the mayor’s leader is questioned polemically – that he can’t safely guarantee vaccinations.”

Public complaints have been multiplied during the morning, among posts on the most popular social networks and reports to the information bodies, of people forced to a long wait outside the structure, outdoors. Between booking hours and actual vaccination there was a waste of about two hours, with the result that ensuring space and ordered files is increasingly complicated. What has produced the impasse within a machine that has already been burned down and which until now has demonstrated great efficiency, is difficult to establish.

Delays could be related to the increase of persons summoned, although the increase in the daily number of vaccinations scheduled is equivalent to the increase in vaccination stations. Even in the light of what is happening today and in order to avoid waits or assemblies, the assault of sassari asks “to all citizens belonging to this specific category to respect the indicated times”.