Vaccines, mayor firm, you can not negotiate, choose doctor – brands

“there are queues because people reject the astrazeneca vaccine and doctors to convince them they average 10 minutes each time. So it is not possible, you cannot negotiate on the vaccine.” Said the mayor of stationary paolo calcinaro, on the first day of opening of the new vaccination point in the schools “don dino mancini” in the capital.

Openness accompanied by some disservices and especially by queues and assemblies of citizens, mainly elderly, waiting for inoculation. For the mayor the intasation is due to the time necessary to convince the doubtful to oare the Anglo-Swedish vaccine ended in the center of the chronicles. “but – it has emphasized during a meeting with the press – the vaccine is our weapon against covid.

“the vaccine is not chosen – he warned the general manager of the wide 4 literal locius -, decides the doctor according to the amnesi”. The citizens must also play their part: “necessary to arrive two hours in advance.”