Vaccines: opens Wednesday 12 new hub in san gavino – sardegna

The operations of strengthening the network of the vaccination centers of Sardinian. On Wednesday, May 12, in the middle field, the new hub of san gavino will be operating, set up in the multipurpose structure of the municipality, in the square judges falcone and purse, in front of the hospital our lady of bonaria. Within the pavilion, in an area of a thousand square meters, ten vaccination stations were set up for a potential, full-service, of about a thousand administrations a day.

In the hub of san gavino, which will have a seven-day activity, from 8.30 to 19, will start with the immunizations of fragile subjects and citizens from 60 to 79 years. “the opening of the new hub – emphasizes the health manager, mario nieddu – is an important result for the territory that goes in the direction traced at regional level. A goal achieved thanks, in particular, to the great work from the technical and sanitary personnel always in front line in the emergency”.