Vaccines: sardegna dates back to over 8 thousand doses per day – sardegna

With the arrival of the new stocks of vaccines the sardegna, at least for now, remains at the bottom of the national classification drawn up by the government along with the calabria: on 402.820 doses delivered so far was given 69.6%, i.e. 280.244. but yesterday were vaccinated on the island 8,339 people, with an increase of 24% inoculations: it is 4.964 first doses and 3.375 callbacks. However, there is no appalling argument about the files made to the elderly and the delays in the territories.

As soon as the new calendar with official dates is confirmed, we will inform you promptly.” “the vaccines have become a matter of survival – he writes – and in contexts like these the poorest are forced to make war between them to elemosify rights that should never be, and then never, questioned, among them the right to health to the dignity of people”.