Vegni: “Reducing the Round from 21 to 18 stages? We want damage, but we will defend the product”

After the decision, which was already in the air, to slide the Tour de France at the end of August (29 August-20 September), the full calendar of the UCI will be to reprogram. Also the Vuelta , and then the Giro d’italia are to reschedule. And if ASO, which also organizes the Vuelta over the Tour, has decided who will be 18 and not 21 the stages of the Spanish race, RCS does not want to do the same for the Giro d’italia.

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This was the position of Mauro Vegni, the director of the Corsa Rosa

“It is the only thing that we are discussing in the last three weeks. As to damage the Giro d’italia, the only real competitors in the Tour de France. They sacrificed the Vuelta and now demand of us. But we have to protect our product. [Mauro Vegni to the Gazzetta dello Sport]”

Trophy Without End – the Giro d’italia 2019Getty Images

Probably the Ride should be over between 3 and 25 October, but the RCS wants to maintain its format in the natural with 21 stages. What will happen in the next few weeks?

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