Viviano: “of Bergamo and brescia are left alone, abandoned”

Goalkeeper Emiliano Viviano, ex-between the other of Fiorentina and Sampdoria, has intervened during the Stadium Opened, the transmission of the afternoon TMW Radio, to talk about the emergency Coronavirus: “Together in Bergamo we have experienced a tragedy. The situation is dramatic, then the province of Brescia is huge. The most affected area is the one that goes towards Cremona. I didn’t believe that could be so serious, it seemed that it was under control, hearing the Institutions. Unfortunately, I know of people who have died or who are currently bad but that they had no previous pathologies. Even in the world of football we have experienced of the president of Pergolettese, who died of this virus. You are still unable to understand how to attack this virus. The only thing to do is stay at home. I now I lost count as they are closed here. Who will remember? According to me if you remember the bergamo and brescia. All will have to deal with what happened. They were all alone here, abandoned, not recommended. In our Country you forget everything, but someone will have to do accounts and then”.