Vlahovic, I would like to get as far as possible – football

(ansa) – firenze, 03 mag – nineteen goals in 34 races as a real circus (which will challenge Saturday to the franchi) and luis murael, 19 as a gilardino tree that was the last attacker to score so much in a single season in purple. Dusan vlahovic, class 2000, one of the many talents discovered and brought to Italy by the Corvinian pantaleo, has no intention of stopping. “I would like to get as far as possible but as I have always repeated what matters is the team, everything else comes after,” he said today to the official channels of the club.

After yesterday’s doublet at the Bologna vlahovic became at 21 years and 95 days the youngest player to have scored at least 18 goals in a single season from the high-end times in 1958/59. Despite the qualities of the realization put so far on display the florentine is not yet saved and the attacker already last night, on social, has launched the cry of battle: “until death, we don’t move.”