What Stryger Larsen wanted to do about the hand flaw that led to the penalty for Milan

Milan draws 1-1 against udinese at the end of a crazy race. In fact, the defeat was only averted in the last second of the game by taking advantage of a penalty kick, then made by Kessiè, after an inexplicable foul committed by the trio of the friulani Stryger Larsen. The Danish outside strikes with a arm the ball crossed in a penalty area from the left and touched by the player in a absolutely clear and obvious way.

So much so that the referee didn’t even have to resort to using the Var. The player was clearly desperate while Gotti, a technician from Udinese, was unbelief in the face of his player’s gesture. “With the player we will be right together – he said at the end of the game – we will ask him what happened.”

It seems clear how, sarcasm aside, the player did not want to voluntarily hit the ball with the very high arm. In the various replays you can see Stryger Larsen well placed in the rigor area of Udinese in line with the defense units of the Friulian team. At the last second of the race, Rebic puts a cross from the left to the head of Leao.

In this way, being the Danish raised, the ball ends on the player’s arm causing a net penalty.