When a player does not get to the end of the month…

“We are not as Cristiano Ronaldo in Serie A, that if you take away two months of salary should not be in trouble, if you take them to us is to knock on the landlord to claim the rent”. The words of Alberto Paleari, extreme defender of the Citadel, can be taken, quite simply, in two ways. The first is the most populist: how does a player of B Series that is supposedly perceived as a leader, and at least 4 times compared to the average one, to complain about a possible loss of two months of salary? How is it possible not to understand it will necessarily be a step forward on the part of the players towards the institutions and the society in order not to get all in the middle of a street?

The second way is to think of the condition of some. Because not all of the professionals earn the figures of Cristiano Ronaldo, but not even that much of a player to a team average of A. a person Who perceives 500 thousand euro per year hardly will be in trouble if rinunciarne to about 80, in order to perpetuate the model seen so far. In the second series there is a salary cap introduced in 2013, 300 thousand – for only the best, with the exception of the relegated – but as mentioned by some representatives is bypassed. I don’t know in what way, and probably Paleari does not come close to this figure. That said, this is not even possible to think that a holder may take 2000 euros per month, not to mention that many club provide free accommodation.

You do not make the accounts in pocket to anyone, no. However, it is true that one of the players is a category well-paid, maybe not too much defense, but it is another matter. It goes without saying that players of the Series C often receive high wages, but the normal (from 2000 to 4000 euros) and to take – or not – a couple can make all the difference. In short, Paleari said the right thing, perhaps you would have to ask outside of this discussion. It will need two weights and two measures, perhaps with different rates such as taxes. But the risk is that without a sacrifice on the part of all the system could implode.