Who died and killed in Sardinian, 35-year-old at trial in Assyrian – Sardinian

Today the judge for preliminary hearings, judges pintori, accepted the request for referral to judgment formulated by the redheading at the flag. Previously, andrea finna – defended by the approach teresa camoglio – had agreed to be questioned, reasserting that he was not the one who killed the young man and still apologized to the family. The latter formed a civil part with the lawyers patrizio rovelli and fabrizio rubiu, who counterexamined the defendant.

The body of the boy has never been found, despite the many receptacles made by the carabinieri. serving fabio lived with his grandparents in is ergois, in the perdaxius countryside. Andrea pinna the investigators then arrived following the trail of some hand passages of the victim’s scooter.

To nail him a series of interceptions in which the same 35-year-old would admit to friends that he killed servants. The trial will begin at the end of June, therefore, in front of the court of assemblies presided over by the judge Mass Thursday.