Who is Arthur? The former technical analyses X-ray: “the Few control the median as him”

Renato Portaluppi, coach Arthur throughout his adventure to Beijing from 2016 to 2018, and is still today on the bench of theImortal, has analyzed the X-rays the new purchase of Juventus: “Arthur is a craque, you will see… a Few know how to command the midfield like him, both in appearance and defensive and the offensive. I don’t like to make comparisons, but Juventus has done a great, great shot of the market by buying it from Barcelona.”

In which position is best seen in the median-ball?
“Arthur is a midfielder, very versatile, with a lot of quality with the ball between your feet. Is a dribbler who likes to organize the game, and went to take the ball to return to his team and bring it up to the opposing area. According to me, we talk about a complete footballer, capable of flight, with excellent results in every position of the median line”.

Some of the weak points we must have.
“It was deficient in the entry area rival, but is significantly improved also from this point of view”.

Read here the full interview of TMW to Renato Portaluppi!